SIC: (Standard Industrial Classification)

3577:Computer Peripheral Equipment, NEC

3636:Radio & TV Broadcasting and Communications Equipment

3669:Communications Equipment, NEC

4812:Radiotelephone Communications

4832:Radio Broadcasting Stations

NAICS: (North American Industry Classification System)

334119:Computer Peripheral Equipment Manufacturing

334220:Radio and Television Broadcasting and Wireless Communications Equipment Manufacturing

334418:Printed Circuit Assembly (Electronic Assembly) Manufacturing

334511:Search, Detection, Navigation, Aeronautical, & Nautical System

334515:Instrument Manufacturing for Measuring and Testing Electricity and Electric Signals

FSC: (Federal Supply Codes)


5895:Miscellaneous Communication Equipment

5915:Filters and Networks

5920:Fuses, Arrestors, Absorbers, and Protectors

5955:Oscillators and Piezoelectric Crystals

5985:Antennas, Waveguides & Related Equipment

5998:Electrical & Electronic Assemblies, Boards, Cards

5999:Miscellaneous Electrical and Electronic Components

6625:Electrical and Electronic Properties Meas & Test Instruments